About the National Youth Assembly

The National Youth Assembly is a residential weekend for people aged between 16 and 25 to voice their opinions in the Church of Scotland. This annual event attracts young people from all over Scotland, with all different backgrounds. The main focus of the weekend is to debate subjects and put together deliverances to go in front of the General Assembly on how we would like things to change, how we could help things along or simply to thank or applaud work that has already been done. The debate topics change each year and can be anything from “Fashion” to “Politics”, “Poverty” and “Climate Change”. As well as hearing from guest speakers there is also a chance to attend workshops on things like Noisy Worship, information about charities, CosyCoffeeHouse, life experiences etc. and time to spend socialising! Each day begins and ends in worship, praise and a time to spend with God. Come. Open your heart and let God lead you. You may be surprised!

For more information about how to register for the National Youth Assembly 2011, visit the following link: http://madstuff.biz/. The form can also be downloaded from here with other payment options. Please note that if you want to submit it electronically you need to save it to your computer first but you can also print it as a pdf and email it or send a hard copy.


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