Deliverance 3: Domestic Abuse

The final deliverance for 2012 focussed on the issue of domestic abuse. We were grateful to Scottish Women’s Aid for facilitating our discussions and giving us all a lot to think about.

National Youth Assembly 13th August 2012

Domestic Abuse


            The National Youth Assembly:


  1. believes that all forms of domestic abuse are wrong regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or any other factor.
  2. affirms the Church’s conviction that domestic abuse “must be seen to be addressed specifically within the fuller agenda of violence against women” (General Assembly 2012).[1] However, the NYA also notes that the adopted definition of domestic abuse by the Church still recognises that domestic abuse is perpetrated against men and draws awareness to this fact.
  3. urges the youth reps and Scottish Youth Parliament reps to lobby the Scottish Government to include violence perpetrated against men within their definition of domestic abuse.[2]
  4. urges its male delegates[3] to sign the Amnesty International White Ribbon Campaign.[4]
  5. recognises that domestic abuse affects children, as well as men and women, and commits to challenging it within their own communities through open discussion.
  6. recognises the fact that domestic abuse is not limited to physical abuse and takes a number of different forms which are each a damaging reality.
  7. draws attention to the Church’s 2003 report[5] on domestic abuse and believes that promoting this to the wider Church could bring positive change.
  8. believes that delegates and the wider Church should show a Christ like compassion for those affected by domestic abuse.
  9. believes that the grace of Christ offers forgiveness to abusers.
  10. believes that no individual should feel trapped in an abusive marriage or relationship by shame or religious expectation.
  11. acknowledges the reality of domestic abuse in the Church community, including in ministers’ relationships, and believes that awareness must be raised at a congregational level and that provision of pastoral care and support should be provided.
  12. urges churches to be more vocal in their communities about the support and pastoral care that is available for both victims and perpetrators, and to raise awareness of the issue of domestic abuse.
  13. recognises that the reaction of congregations to individuals and their families who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse can be either healing and helpful or incredibly damaging and therefore, the NYA encourages congregations and individuals to examine their reactions and be sensitive on this issue.
  14. believes it is imperative that ministers, elders, deacons and lay leaders are better equipped to effectively respond pastorally to domestic abuse.
  15. encourages congregations and Kirk Sessions to provide long term pastoral care to those who have suffered domestic abuse as they attempt to continue with their lives.
  16. encourages congregations to explore appropriate boundaries and responsibilities within relationships and marriage.
  17. acknowledges the Guild’s prayer resources[6] and encourages the Church to research further resources for ministries in regard to dealing with domestic abuse both within and outwith their ministries and parishes with the overall aim of awareness raising and preventing it from occurring.
  18. commends and encourages continued partnership with Scottish Women’s Aid, The Guild, the Church and Society Council, the Safeguarding Committee and Church members on their work done on raising awareness of and combating domestic abuse.
  19. encourages the youth reps to work with the Mission and Discipleship Council in engaging with the Domestic Abuse Action Plan[7] produced by the Church and Society Council.
  20. encourages the Church and Society Council to lobby local government in regard to education enabling individuals to recognise and tackle abusive relationships with strategies for how to seek help.
  21. believes that the media should take a more responsible attitude towards domestic abuse and gender stereotypes whilst recognising that initial progress is already being made.
  22. instructs the youth reps to explore the idea of organising an interfaith event during the 16 days of Activism on Violence in conjunction with the Mission and Discipleship Council and the Church’s Interfaith Worker.

[1] Church and Society Report to the General Assembly 2012 on Domestic Abuse, p2:

[2] This is in reference to the definition found in the Scottish Government’s “National Strategy to address domestic Abuse in Scotland, p3”: (

[3] This campaign may also be signed by females.

[5] Church and Nation 2003 report on Domestic abuse available from

[7] More details of the Action Plan found in the 2012 report p 3&4:


~ by Lynsey on September 3, 2012.

One Response to “Deliverance 3: Domestic Abuse”

  1. I think this is an amazing campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse. It doesn’t matter the gender because violence in general at all in unacceptable. I don’t think there is enough emphasis on domestic abuse and its nice to see a blog dedicated to its awareness. I also like the points made by the youth assembly

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