Deliverance 2: HIV

Here is the second deliverance from NYA 2012. This followed on after excellent input from the Church of Scotland HIV Programme. The NYA is incredibly grateful for help from the Programme both during and after the Assembly with regards to the issues that arose from the debate.

National Youth Assembly 12th August 2012

Debate 2: HIV


            The National Youth Assembly:


  1. believes that Jesus loves everyone equally and unconditionally. The NYA believes that the whole Church should show this unconditional love towards those living with HIV.
  2. opposes stigma of all kinds and encourages congregations to engage with the issue of HIV with the aim of reducing discrimination against those affected.
  3. encourages congregations to pray for healing, care and justice for all infected and affected by HIV.
  4. commends the work of the Church of Scotland HIV Programme and offers their support for future projects.
  5. instructs its youth reps to consider fundraising events for the HIV Programme such as an NYA reunion event.
  6. asks the Church of Scotland HIV Programme to reinstate and expand the Peer Education programme. The NYA encourages delegates to be involved with this programme.
  7. encourages the HIV Programme to develop theological materials for raising awareness of issues around HIV to facilitate open discussion and help people gain a deeper understanding.
  8. commends the work of the World Mission Council in tackling the multiple difficulties faced by all individuals living with HIV and instructs the youth reps to seek advice from them on how the NYA can have influence in regard to this issue.
  9. instructs its Scottish Youth Parliament Reps to take the issue of HIV to the Scottish Youth Parliament with the aim of standardising and improving education in schools.
  10. instructs the youth reps to seek advice from the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office with a view to lobbying the UK Government to place the issue of HIV higher on their agenda.
  11. instructs the youth reps to draft a petition to the UK Government to encourage financial contributions to the Global Fund [1] to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.
  12. instructs its youth reps to research whether the UK Government is actively seeking the removal of restrictions on people who are living with HIV from entering and residing in certain territories or countries and to campaign for this to happen if it does not already. This should be done with a view to reporting back to delegates.
  13. encourages Church members to lobby their MEPs on issues of needle exchange in Europe and on making HIV a major issue of policy in the coming Parliamentary session.
  14. encourages individual churches and presbyteries to be in partnership with NHS Trusts and other local organisations to raise awareness of the reality of HIV.
  15. encourages the Church and Society Council and the HIV Programme to examine the work of pharmaceutical companies providing ARV drugs, and to lobby appropriately for their responsible ethical production and distribution.
  16. requests that the “Idiot’s Guide to Ethical Living”[2] includes sections on the behaviour of companies in regards to ARV drugs/breast milk and monopolising/contamination of clean water supplies.
  17. believes that ignorance about HIV is the root problem of the stigma associated with HIV. The NYA encourages its members, congregations and schools to utilise HIV resources from the HIV Programme and relevant charities to facilitate regular, open discussion amongst youth and inter-generational groups.
  18. believes education around HIV issues should focus on global implications and social justice in addition to those of personal issue.
  19. encourages delegates to lead their congregations in events such as “Souper Sunday”[3] and encourages alternatives such as “Sundae Sunday” or “Softplay Sunday” in order to raise awareness in all age groups within local communities and organisations.
  20. commits to taking action for World Aids Day on 1st December be this on a small or large scale – for example selling ribbons, holding events, raising awareness using social media, writing to MPs/MSPs/MEPs, or prayer.[4]
  21. highlights the problem of isolation experienced by those living with HIV and urges churches to reach out to those in their communities for whom this is a reality.
  22. acknowledges the power of language, and urges the Church to be more sensitive and aware of its rhetoric surrounding the issue of HIV.
  23. encourages congregations to be more involved with the issues surrounding HIV and Aids by having dedicated and informed prayer days.



[1] Global Fund website:

[2] See Deliverance 1, Tax Avoidance and Evasion 11th August 2012, section 16

[3] “Souper Sunday” website:

[4] World Aids Day website:


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