Some thoughts about NYA 2011 from John…

First time delegate to the National Youth Assembly, John Kennedy from Stranraer, shares some thoughts about his experiences:

The National Youth Assembly

How to start a blog post about first time experiences of the NYA? I think the best place to start would be the warm welcome the delegates received on the Friday. After the official welcomes by the Mods & staff we really got to make new friends at the CosyCoffee House and Awaken concert. That started the habit for the weekend of late nights staying up chatting followed by too early mornings.

The early mornings started on Saturday with fantastic wee worships looking at how we can worship God with our Body, Mind, Soul, and Heart. The highlights of the weekend were the debates, the first of which was on input by the Guild about the sexualisation and commercialisation of children. This was a passionate debate which, although not controversial, provided a great debate with lots of talk and helped settle everyone into the format of the debates.

Sunday’s debate was based on input by Priority Areas, looking at how the church can help reach out to some of the poorest groups in our society. The debate that followed was possibly the most successful of the weekend with the NYA agreeing on many deliverances which it hopes will help make a really impact on people’s lives and support their faith.

Then came Monday’s debate, for which input was given by the Mission and Discipleship Council working group on the marriage report. This debate was carried out in a very loving and forgiving manner, during which the opinions of the breadth of the Church were expressed but the YA held together showing what the “peace and unity of the church” means. That will probably be my lasting memory of NYA 2011: that the youth know how to debate serious issues and to do so in a very Christ-like manner.


~ by Lynsey on September 11, 2011.

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