Debate points for this afternoon…

1.The NYA believes that marriage is an individual choice and recognises that it may not be the correct choice for everyone.

2.The NYA believes that divorce ceremonies would be inappropriate within the Church of Scotland but supports existing pastoral care taking place.

– The NYA encourages the Marriage Report Working Group seriously to consider the drafting of liturgy to mark the end of relationships.

3. The NYA believes in the sanctity of marriage and that the Church should seek to continue to value it in a modern context with reference to our constantly unfolding understanding of scriptures.

4.The NYA believes society puts too much emphasis on marriage.

5.The NYA recognises that, in some cases, divorce may be the only course of action left to a couple and believes that in these cases it may be acceptable.

6.The NYA condemns the stigma in the Church in regard to divorce and recognises the difficulties that couples may face as part of being involved in a faith community.

7.The NYA understands that marriages do break down, sometimes for necessary reasons, but encourages the reinforcement of positive role models who are married.

8.The NYA recognises that divorce and separation, although unfortunate, can have a positive impact on individual lives and feels the wider Church should recognise this also.

9.The NYA believes that couples who are truly unhappy in a marriage should not be pressurised into staying together because of their children. Furthermore, in cases of divorce, where children are involved, these children should not be used as emotional weapons.

10.The NYA affirms the possibility of re-marriage for divorcees whilst respecting the presence of a conscience clause available to ministers of the Church.

11.The NYA acknowledges that different marriage guidance courses are available and would encourage the Church to raise awareness of such courses.

12.The NYA believes there is a need for greater pastoral care available to couples entering and leaving relationships. The Church has a responsibility to keep them included within their loving community.

13.The NYA encourages the Church to engage in a meaningful way with those approaching the Church for marriage and to view that contact as an outreach opportunity.

14.The NYA recognises that there are differing views on sex before marriage and feels the Church of Scotland should not be judgemental on the issue.

15.The NYA would encourage preachers to engage with marital issues on a more regular basis outwith wedding ceremonies.

16.The NYA believe there is a need for greater engagement with the issue of divorce and with the people it affects. This would include further guidance for ministers and those in a pastoral role.

17.The NYA affirms that regardless of relationship status, we are all equally loved by God.


~ by Lynsey on September 5, 2011.

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