Priority Areas debate

Here is the proposed deliverance ahead of this afternoon’s debate for all those watching on the webcast.

1. The NYA commends the work of the Church of Scotland in priority areas through the Priority Areas team and partner organisations whilst recognising that the entire Church has a responsibility to this cause.
2. The NYA recognises the good work of uniformed organisations and encourages the Church to continue to develop its work with them.
3. The NYA believes the “Sunday best” attitude in Church creates a barrier for people. The Church should welcome people for who they are regardless of their background, circumstances and how they are dressed.
4. The NYA believes that negative attitudes and stereotypes in regard to young people are profoundly damaging and can cause or enhance feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.
5. The NYA condemns stereotypes of priority areas as “violent” and “rough”.
6. The NYA believes that inter-generational work is paramount in breaking down the stereotypes of modern society.
7. The NYA believes that the priority area system is a helpful system but there are substantial flaws. Therefore the NYA encourages the Ministries Council to revaluate how it selects priority areas and supports the expansion of the priority area targeting.
8. The NYA believes that the Church has a responsibility to encourage the media to portray young people in a more positive light and encourages the elected youth representatives of this Assembly to lobby the relevant parties.
9. The NYA condemns priority areas being exploited by the media for entertainment purposes.
10. The NYA instructs its elected representatives to explore funding options (including local and national charities) to assist with the provision of facilities, including technology, for the use of youth groups.
11. The NYA urges the Council of Assembly to expand financial provision for the Church’s outreach to priority areas for all ages whilst making youth a priority.
12. The NYA asks the Ministries Council to explore further ways for church leaders, workers and volunteers in priority areas to exchange ideas and provide clearer and more accessible information on opportunities for volunteers.
13. The NYA encourages local churches to share resources, talents and time to build links between communities which may lead to a more structured twinning.
14. The NYA encourages awareness raising of work done in priority areas through media such as “The Good News” newsletter published by the Church of Scotland online.


~ by Lynsey on September 4, 2011.

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