GA 2011 – Final thoughts from youth reps

Apologies for these being posted so late but here are some more thoughts from Youth Reps who were at the General Assembly.

Firstly, an excellent video by Euan Patterson, Youth Rep for Greenock and Paisley Presbytery

Thoughts from Gillian Davie, Youth Rep for Hamilton Presbytery

This is my first year as a youth delegate at the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly. So you can imagine how nervous I was feeling already, let alone when I got two hours notice to come to the Assembly! In my rush I forgot one of my most necessary item, my bible!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had previously been told it was like a week long presbytery meeting! Luckily I found this to be untrue. I was sitting in the gallery today for the Church and Society Council’s proposed deliverance. Previous to this I had unfortunately only skimmed through the said proposal. I immediately felt unprepared and was worried I would not follow it well. Had I not had an amazing person beside me (Amanda Philip) who accepted my naivity and explained everything to me clearly and patiently, I would have been completely lost otherwise and not got anything out of it.

I was amazed at the passion the speakers had, my fellow youth delegates exceptionally, about their chosen topic. They must have dedicated hours and hours to perfect their certain subject and for this I commend them.

I was worried it would feel very long and tedious and as I’m a “fidgeter” I thought it would be impossible to last a whole 4 hours. But I was kept happily amused by certain entertaining events. One such being a fellow youth delegate (I shall not name names, you know who you are!) who went to talk. He put his card in the machine and pressed the button. He couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working – he had mistakenly used his Travelodge room key! This offered out small group in the gallery some much needed hilarity. Another such event was someone else falling off their chair in a moment of silence. I also made the mistake of trying to stifle my sneeze, this only made it ten times worse and echoed all round the gallery!

I was happily entertained for the whole four hours and was amazed how quickly time flew by. I also learned so much more than I ever expected. I figured my child-like knowledge and perspective would hinder what I took in and understoof. I was astonished as to how simply things were put and how much I absorbed. It’s only Tuesday, 3 more days to go, and I feel I have been enlightened already and can only imagine how life changing the rest of the week will be.


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