GA 2011 – Saturday Part 3

Thoughts from Lyndsay Kennedy, Youth Rep for Gordon Presbytery

Youth Rep Worship
We began with a programme of worship prepared for us by Emma Worsfold, who is the youth rep from Dumbarton. She led is in the reading of Psalm 100, played a worship song for us to reflect on and then asked two further youth reps to read the same passage, from different translations. We then had a prayer.

Opening of Assembly
This was a lovely ceremony to witness especially as a first time representative at the General Assembly. I particularly enjoyed the pageantry with which local authority visitors and the Lord High Commissioner were welcomed and also the ability to worship with such a large congregation, which I also found a little overwhelming.

Reports(Assembly Arrangements Committee; Committee on Classifying Returns to Overtures; Delegation of the General Assembly; Minutes of Commissions of Assembly; Minutes of Judicial Commission; Minutes of ministries Appeal Panel; Committee on Overtures and Cases)

I will admit that most of the deliverances presented during these reports were not to my interest and were of a primarily administrative and financial nature, however I used them as an opportunity to witness and gain a further understanding of the procedures used when debating a deliverance.

Reports(Legal Questions Committee; Church of Scotland Trust; Church of Scotland Investors Trust)
I found these reports again not to my taste or understanding but enjoyed the way in which experienced commissioners engaged with the reports, particularly those knowledge and insight on the matters.

Council of Assembly
When reading through the Council of Assembly report I came across a point relating to the National Stewardship programme on which I wanted further clarification. I decided to question the Convener (who is my parish minister) on this. I found his answer very useful.


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