Some opportunities in June

There are two events happening on the last weekend in June (24th-26th) which might be of interest to a lot of COSY folk.

Firstly there is going to be a weekend for young people (18-35) interested in ecumenism held in Scottish Churches House. This is being organised by young people who have been involved in various ecumenical events themselves internationally but found there is no way for them to apply this to a Scottish context. It will be very informal and combine worship, discussions and space to get to know each other. It’s open to anyone interested in meeting people from other denominations and thanks to a fund set up by Scottish Churches House the weekend is fully paid for. If you’ve enjoyed Youth Assembly or General Assembly then you will probably also enjoy this. You can get more information here.

The other thing that will be happening is the Solas Festival. This happened very successfully for the first time last year and is inspired by similar events that happen elsewhere such as Greenbelt although with a distinctive Scottish touch. There will be all sorts of things going on from live music and drama to film and visual art. Tickets for the weekend cost £95 or £65 if you’re a student (so better value than a lot of music festivals) and you can also get discounts for going with groups of young people.

Hope that these are of interest to some people, they’re both a little bit different to anything else going on in Scotland (and to each other) and aiming to get young people involved in church things in a different way so would be great to see lots of people at both.


~ by iainmclarty on April 19, 2011.

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