Many people will already have heard the sad news that Robert Paton passed away on Sunday at the age of 27, having been in hospital for a week before that fighting an infection. Robert was involved in COSY events for many years and the amount of texts, emails and facebook posts that have been sent about him over the last week is a tribute to how many people’s lives he touched. We wanted this space to be a public testament to that and to share some memories of Robert which people have posted on facebook. The video is clips from some films that were made about Youth Assembly and General Assembly. Please feel free to add your own comments below.

Robert you’re awesome, always making people laugh, always quick to brighten up any room. Gonna miss you man.

Robert, the whole Kirk was blessed by you. I have so much admiration for how you always stood for the voice of young people, and how you spoke up for those with disabilities. You changed every one of us, you made us laugh and you moved us. Thank you for being our friend, you will be sorely missed. Love you lots.

A very special young man – many good memories – he made a real difference. God bless Robert xx

Robert was a truly amazing man and Irene you are an amazing woman too. Robert brought so much to everyone he met, he was brave and strong, patient and understanding, I never once heard him complain about anything or anybody, we can all learn a great deal from his wonderful example. Robert I was privileged to know you and I will miss you greatly.

Robert, I knew you for quite a few years now and you truly were an amazing, inspirational person with a strong faith. You will be sadly missed and I have many, many fond memories of you!

I will always remember the year that Robert got to meet the lord high commissioner at the garden party. Irene, Robert and I were having a nice stroll through Holyrood when we walked right into the centre of the circle of guards without realising. He thought it was hilarious and told every man and his dog when we got home! Even 7 years down the line!

So many fond memories of Robert, such an amazing person who showed God’s grace in everything he did. One of my favourite memories was Robert doing the warm up and NYA from his chair, laughing away as he rolled it backwards and forwards to the steps. He was such an encouragement to all who attended and will be dearly missed. Goodbye my friend!

Robert, your big smile and enthusiasm for life encouraged us all. The Church was so blessed by you- you broke barriers and made such a difference. We are all going to miss you so much but you are going to continue to be an inspiration to us all. Love.

It’s only really just hit me that Robert’s gone. I’ll always remember him for his smile, his cheeky sense of humour and that no matter what, he was always there for a chat if you needed it. To Irene, I’ll never forget the constant support and love you showed for Robert whenever I had the pleasure of being with you both. A huge loss, not just to his friends and family, but to the whole Kirk. God bless.

Robert was one of the nicest guys ive ever met. He never stopped smiling and always always made you feel welcome. This world has lost one if its most amazing people, and heaven has gained an angel. My thoughts and prayers are with roberts family. God Bless xxx

Having Robert about NYA and GA was one of the most valuable things about them for many people. He was always full of enthusiasm and had a kind word for everyone. People may have noticed him because of his disability but once you got to know him he was in no way defined by this. His strength in making the most of life and not letting anything get in the way of this was an inspiration to everyone who met him. Above all a wonderful person and he will be missed by so many people.

Robert didn’t just talk about his faith, he lived it. I think it goes without saying that Robert was the heart and soul of any NYA he was at, or indeed any COSY/CofS event. His radiant smile lit up the room. He always took a genuine interest in whoever he was talking to. Robert – you WILL be missed, a whole lot by so many people. Thank you for shining a light into the life of the Kirk. We’ve all been blessed by your presence in our lives and I for one am forever thankful. Keep shining Robert.

Robert really was an inspiration. He lived his life with such passion and I can remember him telling me about the ways he was involved in serving his local church an how important it was for him to be part of that. He talked of how every person has something to give and to share and by doing his part how many people had looked beyond his disability and instead knew him for his great abilities. His kindness, laughter, blessings and inspiration will be remembered!

Robert could make you laugh like a drain and that shouldn’t be forgotten. i feel very blessed to be part of this community and that we will all be there for Irene and her family, and for each other, at this time! God Bless you Robert! xx

I have such mixed feelings about this news. Of course it is sad to lose such an inspiring figure, and I’m sure he never realised what a leader he was amongst your generation. But if he had become less and less active I would not have wished a long life on him, and in his position I would prefer to bow out while still full of the dignity he certainly had. I feel able to be thankful, in a poignant kind of way. People rightly talk about some of the people here as heros, and use the term quite wrongly of many others on this operation. But Robert was a hero by any measure.

Just came across this group- shocked and saddened. I was very lucky to have shared some wonderful times with Robert. He was a giant of a man. My thoughts and love are with Irene, family and friends x

Robert Paton was blessed with an ability to view the world from a very different perspective to many. As a result he was one of the most wise, insightful and generous people you might care to have known. God bless Robert, his family and all who knew him.

Oh Robert, that cheeky smile, the grumpyness if your don’t get enough sleep, and just your nature is what i will miss. XXXXX

Robert was a wonderful witness to the Good News. His wisdom, self-effacing humility and desire to serve were inspirational, more so than I expect he realised. He was, as we all are, sown in weakness and will rise in glory. I hope Irene is consoled by the memories of all that she and Robert gave us and I look forward to thanking God and celebrating his life on Friday.

Struggled with what to write. Robert was truely one of a kind. Ill never forgot meeting him for the first time at the GA and escorting him up the cobbles of the royal mile. Our loss is heavens gain. RIP.

What can i say about wee Robert that hasnt already been said.. he may be small in size but has a massive personality. Its been a few years since i seen him but always remember that cheeky grin… you will be sorely missed wee man. RIP Robert.

All I can say is that I am a better person because of Robert! he touched my life and will be in my heart forever. He was always smiling and cosy events weren’t the same if he wasn’t about. I remember wheeling him around during one of the dances at nya, he was screaming and laughing! that’s a memory i will have forever. When he made it too my wedding, well i was blessed! I will never forget you wee bob! ur up in heaven now! I love ya mate xxx

For courage, humour, warmth, perseverance, faith and being an all round lovely person to know, few can hold a candle to Robert. He will be sorely missed but leaves a store of rich and precious memories. My thoughts and prayers are with Irene and all the family.

Robert was a awesome and truly inspirational person. Going 2 miss the smile. X


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  1. Robert was a true gentleman. He was always smiling, never had a bad thing to say about anyone and will be sadly, sadly missed by so many people!

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