Kim’s thoughts on NYA2010

Here are some thoughts from the Mod about NYA2010…

Well now. What a fantastic weekend.

I absolutely loved this year’s NYA. I think there were so, so many positives. Starting with worship – I really appreciated the morning slots and the Sunday night. I loved the mix of musical styles, with the (excellent) band, then plenty of songs from around the world, and a healthy dollop of Wild Goose inspiration on top. Singing unaccompanied, in parts, with all the harmonies coming together – a recipe for a happy Kim! It was also brilliant to have so many delegates involved in the worship – reading or praying or acting or being musical. The Staff worship led by Helle and Bente was again excellent – lots of food for thought there too.

This year, I think we got the balance right between input from the Church Councils and doing things our own way. I think the speakers were excellent – really engaging – and everyone seemed to get a lot from the input sessions, with lots to talk about during the day. It seemed like the different way of doing the debates – the input, then time in small groups, then a break for lunch, then time again to look at the deliverance before the main debate – worked very well. Loads of different delegates were talking, and we had some really interesting stuff to discuss.

By the Monday afternoon debate, it felt like everyone had got the hang of it. Everyone seemed to be confident in the way things worked by that stage, which meant Monday was really easy to chair. People were actually listening to the other contributions and being thoughtful and considered with their words and votes, and I really appreciated that.

I LOVED having all of our international friends and guests with us. What excellent people! It was especially nice having a smaller group of Swedes there – it meant we could actually get to know them rather than just seeing this huge group on the stage! One of the best things about YA is always the banter, the time spent with old friends and making new ones. Saturday night was great for that – so much fun! I loved the atmosphere, just getting all dolled up and having a lovely meal and being entertained and dazzled and then dancing away!

For me the worst part about being Moderator is that you spend so much time up front or planning or collating the deliverance that there’s no way you have time to catch up with everyone you want to see and I certainly missed that. But it was an absolutely incredible experience. I mean seriously, I GOT A CAPE!!! I will love Heather Dickson for ever – I would have done anyway even if she hadn’t been so good at sewing – but I was just so chuffed to be presented with it. Yay! There were so many people saying lovely and positive things to me this year, about the YA and about my part in it, and I’m really grateful to all of you. Apart from a couple of points on the Friday night, I really wasn’t stressed, just enjoyed it! Miraculous!

The cape

It was also amazing to see how many people put themselves forward for being a Rep, how many signed up for the mental health stuff, how many spoke and contributed to the debates and to worship – I just think this year felt overwhelmingly positive and like every delegate was able to get involved. Given that I spoke on the Friday night about how I’d love Youth Assembly to be a community working together to bring the voice of young people to the Church all year – I think lots of people are excited about that vision and want to be a part of it. I am really excited about working with the team of Reps now, and we will be meeting soon to plan the next year. We’ll keep you posted on here, so do check every so often!

There were so many excellent things about this year that I could ramble on about for ages – but enough already. All that remains is to say a huge thank you to every single delegate and staff member who was part of NYA 2010. You made the weekend what it was – you are all wonderful!


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