Moderator Nominations

Just a reminder that the deadline for nominations for the next Moderator of the National Youth Assembly is Thursday 30th September. That’s only two weeks away(!) so if you’ve just not got round to doing it yet then get it done quickly so you don’t miss the deadline. Everyone at NYA this year should have heard the chat about what the role involves and how the process works. If you missed that or need clarification about something then use the comment box on this post and I can explain it more fully. We would encourage as many people as possible to consider having their names put forward, especially if people have said to you that they think you would be a good candidate. You need to get two people to support your nomination but you can support more than one nomination, that bit of the form is so that when the GA reps meet to consider the nominations they have a bit more information about you.

NYA Mods - Judith, Alison, Marjory, Kim and Iain

You can download the application forms from here in MS Word or PDF format. Once the form has been completed then you can either email it to or send it by post to

Lesley Cameron
The Mission and Discipleship Council
Church of Scotland
121 George Street

If you send it by post remember to leave enough time for it to arrive on by the 30th September.


~ by iainmclarty on September 14, 2010.

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