Council/Committee Nominations

Hello from a now retired Moderator (although that makes me sound old). Just want to bring another opportunity for getting involved in the work of the church to people’s attention. Every year the Church of Scotland looks for people to get involved in the central work of its councils and committees and invites nominations to be submitted from a range of different sources. Young people talk about wanting to have more of a voice in the way the church is run and this is a very real way you can make that happen as you become one of the people making decisions. There are about twenty different committees which need members and they do a huge range of things, from looking after congregational resourcing (including youth work), running the HIV/AIDS project, and looking at how the Church of Scotland works with other denominations, to working with the Kirk’s partner churches around the world.

Last year there were over a hundred nominations but only four of these were people under 35 and we’re keen to increase that. Many of the committees require you to be able to attend meetings during the day but it may actually be easier for you to do that while you’re a student than it will be in the future when you have a full time job and there are a few which don’t meet that often so don’t let time stop you considering this. More details about what is expected of members of each committee and a nomination form (although still last years) can be found here.

If you are interested in being nominated then there are a couple of ways you can go about it. I’m on the committee and am very happy to speak to people about what council or committee you might be suited for and nominate you if you’re keen. Otherwise you can get in touch with the Mission and Discipleship office, your minister or your Kirk Session, all of which are also able to put forward nominations. Obviously a nomination is no guarantee that you will be asked to serve on a council or committee but there are relatively few nominations put forward compared to the amount of places needing filled and a lot of people are keen to see more young people involved in order to give a balance to the ages represented. The deadline is the end of November so get in touch soon if you’re interested. As always you can use the comments box to get in touch or feel free to find me on facebook or get my email from the office.


~ by iainmclarty on September 14, 2010.

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