The V.I.P. (not the Pope!)

This morning we were delighted to welcome Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Tam Baillie, to the Youth Assembly. Since taking up this role 15 months ago Tam has been touring the country to speak to as many children and young people as possible and he was delighted to have the chance to visit NYA.

Tam Baillie

Tam’s job is to be an advocate for the rights of young people in Scotland and he introduced the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a hugely important document around the world for helping give young people a better chance in life. He then described his three strategic aims as helping people to understand their rights, promoting and safeguarding them, and increasing participation and involvement of young people in the process. Related to this are some overarching issues such as tackling child poverty, making sure that all children are given a good start in life in their early years, and making sure that the recession doesn’t disproportionally affect the work being done with young people.

I asked Tam whether he’d had any previous contact with young people and the church and he said this was his first time but that he was extremely impressed by how well informed and aware a group of young people the Youth Assembly was and we hope that this can perhaps lead to some more opportunities to work together in the future.

You can find out more about Tam’s work and what he can do for young people at his official website here or the page about the national consultation currently under way, A Right Blether. Please take the time to give your feedback on here. There is also a video about this which you can watch below.


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