Getting ready for NYA

Thought it might be useful for people who aren’t sure about what they have to do before arriving to make a wee list of things to do beforehand and to bring with you. Hope I’ve remembered everything. If you think of anything else post it as a comment so other people can see it too.

Things to do

  • Get some sleep, because you won’t get much at the weekend.
  • Have a think and pray about what you want to get from this weekend. Remember that while the whole thing can be very busy it’s also supposed to be about connecting with God and it can be good to take some time to do that beforehand as well.
  • Look up directions to the campus. You can find lots of helpful information about this on the University of Stirling website.

Things to bring

  • Any information you’ve been sent beforehand like a welcome pack, you’ll probably need this.
  • Clothes – throughout the weekend everything is quite relaxed and you can wear whatever you want but remember to bring something smart for the dinner/ceilidh/disco on Saturday night and also a warm top and some form of waterproof jacket/umbrella because you’ll have to go outside to get between places and although it’s nice atm this is Scotland. Also make sure you have shoes you don’t mind walking about in.
  • Stationary – paper, pens etc. – for using during debates.
  • Bible
  • A camera because you will regret not being able to take photos if you don’t bring one.
  • A torch because the campus can be a bit dark at night.
  • Snacks if you think you’re going to be hungry outside mealtimes. There are shops on campus but nothing late at night and it’s too far to walk to any off campus.
  • Money – you’ll not need much but the two things you might want to bring money for are donating to charity at the Saturday night dinner and buying t-shirts. There is a cash machine on campus though.
  • Things to decorate your small group area with.

~ by iainmclarty on September 2, 2010.

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