General Assembly Part 1

We hoped to have lots of updates from youth reps this week but everyone has been very busy so they will hopefully follow retrospectively in the next few days. Here are the first posts from Lauren and Euan from Sunday and Yesterday. You can find photos on our flickr feed linked to on the right.

Yesterdays reading from Matthew 14 talked about taking a step of faith. As Peter walked on water he was taking a risk. Yes his faith failed him, but Jesus was there to save him. Coming to the General Assembly was such a step of faith for m. My frequent anxiety and panic attacks made me fearful of what lay ahead. But I put my trust in God, and now I am halfway though the week and loving it! I’ve not struggled as I thought I would because I am surrounded by God’s people and their love. It seems from the debates and reports that the church has a tough time ahead with lots of challenges and re-structuring to come. People realise chance is needed, but are we willing to take that step of faith like Peter? In Chinese the word ‘crisis’ has two meanings, danger and opportunity. It is clear there is a lot of opportunity for the church to grasp and use to share the gospel across the world. (Lauren)

Being a General Assembly Youth Rep is an ambivalent experience, as much energising as it is draining. Through lack of sleep and a busy schedule, many of us are left fatigued; but also empowered by the role we have been so graciously given. Having now attended my second General Assembly, I leave with a reaffirmed sense of purpose and I thank all involved in the Assembly for that. (Euan)


~ by iainmclarty on May 26, 2010.

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