The National Youth Assembly…

1.    Affirms that spirituality is a crucial part of the Christian faith and believes that the Church of Scotland is not good at engaging with this. The Church should help people mature in their spirituality by openly confronting it and not hiding from it and by providing more accessible resources and pastoral care.

2.    Believes that every aspect of life has a spiritual dimension (e.g. use of money, relationships, values, suffering)

3.    Would like to see people in the church helped to develop a healthy relationship with silence, including during church services. Where practical, a dedicated space should be provided in churches for meditation and reflection, both in and out of “church hours” and open and advertised to the general public.

4.    Would like to see more emphasis placed on spirituality in preaching, possibly including questions for contemplation and discussion.

5.    Encourages the creative use of big posters/billboards in prominent public places, with messages to inspire people spiritually.

6.    Encourages church communities and individuals within those communities to share their stories and faith experiences, with the relevant support.

7.    Recognises that traditional services are of spiritual value, but would like to see more exploration of alternative worship both in and out of services for example, art exhibitions, film liturgies, poetry, i-pod reflections and labyrinths.

8.    Would like to see the promotion of opportunities for learning such as “Adult Sunday School” and programs like Alpha or Living the Questions.

9.    Thinks that spirituality should be spoken about and practised from Sunday school age so that children are aware of it, for example through “Godly Play.”

10.    Suggest that it is useful to look at spirituality in an Inter-Faith way.

11.    Would like to see an event exploring alternative worship and spiritual development, possibly on the theme of “Live faith and share life” [rather than live life and share faith]


~ by iainmclarty on November 3, 2009.

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