Sunday evening and worship thanks

Here’s a wee note from Graham Allison who was in charge of organising the worship this weekend, and was one of the stars of the Sunday evening dramas. Huge thanks have to go to him too for co-ordinating all of this and allowing all these people to make their own parts happen.

I wanted to say thanks to the following folks for making the worship and the sunday evening happen.
Sunday evening
Mark Johnstone for our introduction and our communion
Jamie Schmeling for leading our worship
Bryan Burnside, Michael Mayer and Yin Lee for the huge amount of setting up and stewarding us around with their funky torches.
Fidge for building a cross and defacing Stirling Uni’s oddest art piece.
Petra’s lanterns – without them we’d have lost the choir who may have all fell in the pond.
The Choir. ‘Nuff said.
The Mighty Squirrel King, who granted us safe passage through his magical wood (though we had to sacrifice two delegates as an offering).
However the biggest thanks has to go to Ishbel McFarlane for the huge amount of work she put into the Sunday evening. Ishbel turned a bunch of disconnected concepts into a wonderful script that helped us reflect on all the stories as we wandered about the campus.  You’re a complete star Ishbel, thanks for everything you did to make the sunday night so special.
Graham, Ishbel and the choir

Graham, Ishbel and the choir

Also, thanks to all the folks who played in the band, were main speakers, led fringe worship events, helped set up the main stage tech gear or played late night worship slots.
Thanks for all your hard work before and during the weekend!
The band

The band


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