Peoples thoughts about NYA2009

At the end of the final session on Monday, we asked some people to write us a wee comment about how they’d found the event, here are those thoughts, straight from the young people whom the event is for:

Had a great time, met some great people, will def be back next year 🙂   –  After 8 youth club

Never been before, enjoyed it soo much, it was awesome! 🙂  – Shelby Lynch

Truely revolutionary. Never before have I been surrounded by so many young people who are all on the same wavelength.  –  Paul Cordukes

NYA09 was fab!!! My small group rocked and the gospel choir were amazing! 🙂   –   Catherine McIntosh
A spiritully uplifitng weekend and a great chance to meet old and new friends and to be able to share our God’s love as one  –  Emma Cowan

Another great youth assembly! Really enjoyed my first time as a small group leader. Immanuel gospel choir were amazing!!!  –  Jamie McIntosh

Was amazing as always! Met lots of new people and learned some things too. Can’t wait til next year!  –  Lindsey
Uplifting, poignant and the best NYA since I started coming 3 years ago.   –  Chris Lynch

I’ve never felt a more profound feeling of God’s spirit moving through so many people than I did on Sunday night. I will never forget this weekend and ho it has uplifted, challenged and brought together so many.  –  Kenny Maddock

This weekend has helped intensify my faith. I have enjoyed sharing fellowship and praising God in a youthful, uplifting way.   –   Jonathan White

A whole new experience. Amazing. NYA has been amazing in so many ways: prasing God, fellowship and walking in the pilgrimage. Thank you everyone for a great time.  –  Andrew Longwe

A big thanks to all the delegates for their desire to make a difference in their own lives, the life and work of the Church and our world. Being with you has been a privilege.  –   Jamie Schmeling

Youth Assembly is like being force fed a really spicy curry: spicy, painful, takes a bit of undignified passing, but after all you are fed full with richness. A weekend of beautiful moments and beautiful people.   –   Margaret McLarty


~ by Chris Hoskins on September 9, 2009.

One Response to “Peoples thoughts about NYA2009”

  1. I have had such a wonderful time, I have never been to anything like it ever. I can’t wait for the next one! If only it could be a couple of days longer, so we can get to know the rest of the delegates and staff!

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