We’re now into the third day of Youth Assembly and there has been more debating and lunching going on throughout the day.


The topic of “Interfaith” has, like all the debates so far, given all of the delegates a lot to think about for the main debate session coming up on Monday. This produced probably the most challenging chat so far of the weekend. It was really interesting, and surprising, to see how many of the delegates had not heard of interfaith dialogue and how many had not enagaged with it for whatever reason. It was all very new to lots of people so produced a lot of questions and exciting chat amongst us.

We were challenged with quotes about what others’ perceptions are of us, as Christians and what other people think about Christianity. Some of them triggered off some shock and to some of the statements one delegate replied “they don’t know us.” Seeing these, however, allowed us to see that to really get to grips with other people around us we really need to engage with these people and learn about them before making our own assumptions. This highlighted how valuable dialogue between different faiths is.

We thought about how to make this dialogue meaningful; it’s not just about learning about other faiths from books and stories from people we know. It’s about engaging with people from other faiths and backgrounds. It’s about building up meaningful relationships; sharing our faith and listening about theirs and ultimately learning from each other.

We talked about what the church could do to make that dialogue valuable and what ideas we had so we can bring these ideas forward on Monday which can then go on to the General Assembly in May. We have been given lots of food for thought until then and hopefully some good debate will come from it all!


~ by Lynsey on September 6, 2009.

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