NYA2009 Golden Duck Awards Night

Last night was a special night at NYA2009. It was the first ever NYA Golden Duck awards. It was a night to celebrate some of the incredible people associated with NYA. It was a glamourous night, everyone was dressed up in gorgeous dresses, Kilts and many other forms of formal ware. We had a red carpet – complete with paparazzi taking numerous photos of everyone as they entered! There was a fantastic meal, accompanied by a live, awesome, Jazz band. Such a good night! After dinner we had the awards ceremony – where we awarded Golden Ducks to those who had been nominated and voted for by the assembly. We also had a charity collection for the Lodging House mission in Glasgow, we’ll tell you more about that in a seperate post to tell you all the details of exactly what the charity is and how much we raised!
The awards we passed out were for:

Glitziest Swede: Dimitri (The pianist fromm the Immanuel Gospel choir)
Funniest Moment: Amanda Lyon being stuck in a toilet
Against All odds: Matthew Hopper
Random Act of Kindness: Darren Philips
Lifetime Achievement: Dr Steve Mallon

After the ceremony, we had a wee surprise for Steve, but we’ll say more about that in a different post!

We also had a ceilidh last night, led by a fantastic ceilidh band organised by Iain McLarty, the NYA moderator.

All in all, it was a fantastic night enjoyed by all! We will have raised a good amount for the charity, celebrated some outstanding individuals and generally had a great time together!

Peace Out


~ by Chris Hoskins on September 6, 2009.

One Response to “NYA2009 Golden Duck Awards Night”

  1. Ah! Great stuff, I hope, though I’m sure it will, keep getting better and better. All the best!

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