Saturday debates.

Throughout the day the small group I am in have been involved in two debate sessions so far on the topics of “Idenity” and “Interfaith”. Both have been incredibly interesting and there has been a lot of great, challenging, discussion between the delegates.


The debate session started with a clip from the film “American Beauty”, one of my favourite films. At the start of the film the main character, Lester, exclaims that he is perhaps “already dead”; suffering an identity crisis. This started us off discussing what factors contributed towards our “identity”. We came up with quite a large list of things including: faith, personality, genetics, our mistakes and our dreams.  We arranged the list into order of what we thought was most important in defining our identity which caused some good debate amongst the group and it was really interesting to see that what was important to one delegate was not important at all to another. Testament to the fact we are all completely unique individuals but are gathered for the weekend as one big group. We also got a chance to think about what kind of tatoo we would get if we were to get one that said something about our identity. For some in my group this was a name of someone who had impacted their lives, or pictures symbolising their hopes, dreams or faith.

We were then encouraged to think about our reactions to different genders. We were given various statements and we were to arrange them according to whether we related each particular statement to the male or female gender. What was really interesting in our group was that we put a lot of the statements in the middle as we did not relate them to one gender or the other. We did consider that had we been doing the activity some time ago our answers may have been somewhat different.

We were then encouraged to think of statements we would like to put forward as a deliverance. These statements are to include what we think the Church of Scotland can do about issues of identity and it can help those struggling with such issues. We have been given time to think about these so will hopefully have lots of ideas coming in before Monday.

The debate session on “Identity” really encouraged us to think about what makes us, and other people, unique.  It challenged our discussion and lots of good points were made. We’re now really getting into the way of the debates and lots of different people are speaking out and having their voices heard so it’s all rather exciting. On another exciting note, it’s very nearly time for our Gala Dinner!


~ by Lynsey on September 5, 2009.

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