Friday Night

Good morning all!!

Another glorious suuny day in Stirling – NOT!! But of course, the NYA is always glorious becuase of the people who are here!

We gathered last night in the Mainhouse of the MacRobert Arts Centre and were treated to an evening of   worship with the Mark Cameron Band,  stunning sounds from the Immanuel Gospel Choir – our wee Swede friends, a fabulous encounter with the General Assembly Moderator Bill Hewitt (we now know what he thinks about his legs and the reasons why he doesn’t wear a kilt)  and our own dear Moderator Iain (who so moved the Swedes that they burst into a rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus). The Church Art and Architecture folk came and guided us through a mini debate, everybody was given a copy of  Life and Work  for their bedtime reading and then we survived some time of general mayhem with the Dr. Now you’ll notice some photos have been posted…… do I need to explain the ponchos?! I did say it was Mayhem!

The midnight to 2 am slot allowed folks to chill out in the Cosy Coffeehouse which just looked delightful, a bit like Chirstmas but 4 months too early – will try and get some photos of that! I heard a rumour, that some folks then  went to sleep! Well the Staff anyway.


~ by cofsnya on September 5, 2009.

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