so maybe tomorrow, i’ll find my way home…

Youth Assembly 2009, Field of Dreams, is very nearly here! Only one more sleep until we’re all making our way to Stirling for the weekend. I always get very, very excited as NYA approaches for many, many reasons…

It’s a great place to meet new people. I came to my first youth assembly when I was 16 knowing very few people at all; a few people from my local church. Over the years I have met so many different people from so many places and backgrounds. Some of them have become my best friends. Some of them I have never seen again. However, they have all impacted my life; in big ways and small ways. I’m so excited about the people I am going to meet at 2009’s youth assembly. I’m excited about meeting our small groups. I’m excited about the discussions we will have.  I’m just very excited!

I’m also looking forward to the debates we will  have. I came to my first youth assembly knowing very little about the church I was part of; I had no idea how big it was and how much work actually went on. Each year I return to NYA I continue to keep learning about the church. NYA provides such a great environment to debate in; there is time to ask questions, there is time to discuss, there is time to listen and none of it in an intimidating way! I’m really looking forward to exploring the themes of our debate (the Interfaith theme in particular) and learning even more about the church, about our world and about each other.

Something that has always been a highlight at NYA has been the worship. There are so many different options so you can be completely comfortable or even give yourself a challenge and try something new! Whatever option, it’s always done in an environment where I have been able to just be me and acceptance for that has been so prominent.

In many ways, going to my 5th youth assembly is like going home; to an environment I feel completely comfortable in. I have grown up throughout my years there; I have grown in confidence, in knowledge and in faith.  But what I’m more excited about is the new experiences I will have, the new people I will meet. Each year has been completely different and I have no doubt 2009 will be that too. We are in a new, and apparently massive(!), new venue, people who have never been to NYA will come and we will debate new things! So yes, I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead and I’m excited about the stories we will be telling of NYA 2009 in a few days time!


~ by Lynsey on September 4, 2009.

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