And so it begins….

So the countdown has begun again in earnest. NYA is only 2 days away and I’m sure you’re all getting as excited as me. For me NYA marks the time of year when my faith is rejuvenated. It’s been many different things for me, a challenge, a restorer and above all else a load of fun. NYA challenges your faith in ways you can’t imagine but most importantly it asks questions of you and makes you think. This year will be my third NYA and it’s one of the one’s I’m looking forward to the most. Having been to General Assembly this year I was able to see just how much the church values the opinion of young people, so for me the debates will take on a new significance.

The debates are just one part of it though, NYA also provides the opportunity to make life-long friends, makes you laugh at the infamous Hootenany, makes you think about many different issues, and above all makes you absolutely knackered – but you come away from it all with so many positives that that is the last thing on your mind!

NYA is an experience that people don’t forget easily. In fact I for one will be going until I’m too old to go. It’s the same for most people, they come from churches all over the world and no matter how involved you get everyone comes away changed. And not only do we come away changed the Church does too. The debates we are having and the conclusions we come up with are heard by the Church at the Assembly and so we are making a difference to the way the Church is developing in the 21st Century. The Youth Assembly provides young people with a voice, a voice that we can use effectively and well so that we can make a difference to the Church.

For me the best part of NYA is the fact that over 300 Christians come together to pray, worship, discuss, have fellowship and enjoy themselves. It shows that there is a strong presence of God moving among young people in the world today and there is no place where you feel this presence stronger than at NYA. If it’s your first time coming be prepared for one of the weekend’s of your life, if it’s your 2nd then you know what to expect although there have been many changes including the long lunches and the Golden Duck Awards…. If you’re an old timer then I’m sure you’ll love it like you always do. So get excited, start your thinking now, open your heart, your mind and be prepared to be changed. You’re in for the time of your life in the Field of Dreams….

Feel Free to comment as well everyone… What are you most looking forward to? Will this NYA be your first? Your last? What’s exciting you about this year? What do you hope to get out of it? Look forward to seeing you there…


~ by nyadelegates on September 4, 2009.

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